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Tools and tips for working together, apart

Written for Piasa Games with Corey Warning

We know quite a few teams who are in the same boat as us; collaborating while working in different time zones can be a huge challenge. 2 of us are located in Chicago, and another in Portland, OR. Some nights one of us will be preparing to power through a long list of tasks, while another is hitting the sack. Read more

Sketching is important

Written for Piasa Games

This week, we wanted to briefly give some insight to our process of working through ideas, when it comes to creating graphics for our games. It can be tempting to just jump right in to your favorite program and start cranking out high fidelity assets, but you’ll almost always create something of higher quality if you do a little sketching first. Read more

Failing fast with lean game design

Written for Piasa Games

In game design, or any design really, it’s important to work in a way that allows you to iterate quickly and bounce ideas off the types of people who you would like to actually be playing your game or using your product. Read more

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